Great Doll Websites

Sometimes good doll websites are hard to find, so here I am, coming to the rescue with 4 wonderful doll sites.

Doll Diaries

Doll Diaries is your one stop shop for everything dolls.  From weekly crafts, reviews on many different doll brands, reader photo events, and some very smart American Girl sleuthing, Doll Diaries has a truckload of information.

Our Dolls

If you want a very well developed doll world, look no further.  Each doll family has a beautiful house furnished with decorations that change by the season and many funny and entertaining photostories.  I recommend going to the characters page first to acquaint yourself with the residents of Pleasantville.

American Girl Fan

American Girl Fan is a website devoted to American Girl.  This was the first doll site I ever found and I still enjoy it.  The photography is great and I love the Caption the Doll Photos.

Super Inky

Inky is a doll who loves ballet, space, and visiting her friends.  Many of Inky’s visit her and you’ll never get bored of their exciting adventures.  For a double dose of Inky fun check out Pleasant Piper.

I hope you enjoyed my first post.



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