My Gals

Since my blog is called Me and My Gals, I thought that I should show you my gals.  These are just my American Girl dolls, I will show you my others at another time

This is Chrissa, Girl of the Year 2009, and she looks the most like me of any other doll I’ve seen.  Chrissa is the first doll I got, and is bossy but kind.  She likes swimming, talking to her friends, and not sitting still.

Kirsten Larson is my second doll and she loves reading, cooking, and playing with her cat.  I got Kirsten in December, 2009, but I loved her ever since I read her books.

I received Marie-Grace Gardener on Christmas 2011.  In every single picture from that day, Marie-Grace is in my arms.  She likes ballet, singing, and reading.  I like having a doll that’s not retired.

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