Doll Farm: Part 1

Introduction: I read the book Animal Farm recently for Homeschool and I had to do a project about it. Here it is!

Being a doll is hard.


Like now.


And now

“Come on girls, now’s our time to overthrow those horrendous Humans!”


In a flash, the poor Human was overtaken by angry dolls.

“See ya later!” said the girls sarcastically.

“Friends, Dolls, Countrymen, lend me your ears. We have overthrown the awful Humans! We shall now be called Doll Farm and all the dolls from miles around will envy us. Every successful farm needs some rules. I will write them up.”


“Here we go. Behold the 5 Commandments!”

Isn’t Kirsten’s handwriting gorgeous?

“We are so lucky to be in a free country. Today will be remembered forever as Dollpendence Day.”

Will the Kirsten realize her hair is falling out? Will the other dolls be able to actually see the 5 Commandments? Will the girls have to compose a National Anthem? These answers and more will be revealed on Doll Farm: Part 2!


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