Doll Farm: Part 2

We continue with the Doll Farm saga:

Now that the Humans were gone, they started to sleep like dolls.

And eat like dolls.

One day Marie-Grace was going on a walk, when her foot bumped into something.

“What is this black, mirror-like thing-y?”
To answer her question she sought out the great leader Kirsten.
“You just push the button. See?”

“Wow! It lights up! But I can’t see my reflection anymore.”

“Dolls, this is a big day in our history! We have discovered the wonders of technology! I think we should find a way to navigate the touchscreen with our plastic hands.”

“Hold on a minute, Senator Kirsten, I think that we should use this ‘thing’ as a dry erase board.”



“I give up. I’m leaving. Long live Doll Farm!”

Will the Girls find a way to use the technology-thingy? Will they find food so they can eat like dolls? Does Kirsten really mean “Long live Doll Farm”?

Stay tuned for Doll Farm: Part 3


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