The 30’s Fairy’s Visit

Photo Jan 30, 11 27 06 AM

“The Great Depression’s overrated.”

Photo Jan 30, 11 27 37 AM

Photo Jan 30, 11 28 50 AM

“Who are you?”

“I’m the 30’s fairy and I know when people don’t respect other time periods.”
Photo Jan 30, 11 29 41 AM

“Follow me! You need to learn a lesson! Woosh.”

Photo Jan 31, 9 19 57 AM    

“This is a street from the 1930’s. On October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed. That sent the financal world in to chaos. There was a wave of suicides in New York’s banking area. Apparantly, the clerks at one hotel even started asking if the new guests needed a room for sleeping or jumping!”

Photo Jan 31, 9 25 41 AM
“That’s horrible!”

Photo Jan 31, 9 27 18 AM
“Yes. And the average income for a family dropped 40% from 1929 to 1932.”
Photo Jan 31, 9 23 03 AM

“But 30’s fairy, where are we?”
Photo Jan 31, 9 27 43 AM

“Were in Hooverville. There are Hoovervilles all over the counry. They’re named after President Herbert Hoover, who got us into this mess.”

Photo Jan 31, 9 22 26 AM

“And even more is named after President Hoover. Hoover blankets are newspapers used as blankets, Hoover stew is food from soup kitchens, and Hoover wagons are broken cars pulled by mules.”

Photo Jan 31, 9 25 41 AM
“But how did people survive?”

Photo Jan 31, 9 27 11 AM
“Well, see that girl over there. She is selling apples on commision for 5 cents each. And many people move west, to California, to become migarant workers. They lived on company camps and picked, sorted, and packaged what ever is in season.”

Photo Jan 31, 9 23 03 AM
“Wow that’s crazy, 30’s fairy, and you know what? I will never, ever think that the Great Depression’s overrated again.”

Photo Jan 31, 9 27 43 AM
“Case closed!”

This is another homeschool history project. I hope you can guess what time I’m learning about.

Peace out,


An AG Article


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Sewing Adventures: Non-AG

Recently I have been sewing, but not for my dolls, but for humans. “What are you making?” you may ask.  I reply…..


“Headbands”, I say!  In this photo you get a beautiful shot of my hand.  Have you guys gone on any sewing adventures lately?  Which headband’s your favorite?


Dance Class

Hi all you awesome readers, It’s Emily, and every week I take Modern Dance

Now Modern Dance is different than Ballet or Ballroom because you are barefoot and you dance with your feet facing forward, called parallel, rather than to the side, turned out.

Like any dance form, you have to stretch. This is called the straddle

You have to really practice to stretch this far.

Here is another one. Now I put my leg to the side and press. It feels good.

Next we play a improvising game. First, I strike a high pose.

Now a low pose.

After all this posing, I’m getting hot!

I have to keep my arms held when I jump.

I move very fast across the floor.

In addition to jumping, I have to practice being grounded (low). I bend my knees real low.

Thanks for learning about Modern Dance,

Emily (and Willsbardgirl)