A Real Lot of Snow

Hi hearty ruffians,
Your dutiful blogger here, in a winter wonderland. I apologize for the lack of posts in the last week, but I have three good reason.

Reason 1. It snowed on Thursday, least a foot and my dolls refused to leave their abode.

Reason 2. I spent Friday digging out my friend’s car from the snow.

Reason 3. I went to the American Girl store yesterday, and they were talking about closing early from even more snow!
Now some photos of that wet white stuff.



My mom beating the bushes into submission. They’re already bowing

Emily’s waiting for spring.



2 thoughts on “A Real Lot of Snow

  1. Hope you and the girls are having fun in the snow. My bushes are all bowed too. I feel sorry for them but the look sooooo pretty! Stay warm!

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