A Snowland Adventure

As mentioned previously, it snowed. I tried to out in the white stuff for a little photography, but Caroline wouldn’t cooperate.

Work it girl, you’re doing great! Smile for the camera

You’re totally rockin’ that skirt that I made, thank you very much.

Dramatic arial shot. Dun Dun Dun!
“I’m tired of just standing here. Can’t I just swing or something?” whines Caroline.
“OK fine.” I reply.

“Here you go. Are you happy now?”
“No, I’m not, I wanna go up there!”
“Sorry! Today, no, but when you knock some sense into yourself, possibly!” I replied smugly.
“Wait, wait, where are you going?”

“You weren’t supposed to find me. I’m really mad that you didn’t let me on the swing.” said Caroline.
“Well…. I guess you can this once.”
“Yippee!” and there she ran, dragging me along with her.

“Wheee!” Caroline screamed while I wondered ‘what was I thinking?’

On this happy thought, and some more glamor shots, we end.

On an unhappy note, I think Caroline might be turning into a Maple (the highly opinionated doll from The Doll Wardrobe). Oh well, hopefully we can keep her under control.


Makeover for the Gals!

I had 2 of my friends over today, and they gave my dolls a whole new outlook on fashion.

Emily and Chrissa are dressed as flower girls for the day. If only Chrissa’s eyes were grey to match with her color scheme.

Kirsten now takes Karate! Hi-ya!

Thanks for comin’ over today guys. You’re sitting right next to me right now. I’m spying on you. Hehehe!


P.S. it’s snowing like CRAZY now. Hopefully a Doll In the Snow post tommarow.

Even More Doll Sewing or Even More Posting

It seems like I’ve had a lot of time today. Rant alert: I did my work, sent emails, did book club, went to the library (2 ones), grocery store (2 ones) and out for frozen custard “It’s never too cold for ice cream”. In addition I did 3 blog posts (a record) and sewed 2 doll skirts. Wow! And I’m not tired. Anyway, take it away, Miss Caroline.




And doll skirt número dos es muy bonita! It’s a petticoat with eyelet end print.

See you later,