New Doll Reveal!

I hope you all had fun with the Guess-o-thon, I did, but now it’s time to show which doll I got last Wednesday! Drumroll please…………….

Caroline Abbott!!!!! I love her :^)

Her hair’s soft and curly with a center part.

With out her bonnet. FYI: Her eyes are about the color of the background.

After adventures in ye’ old 1812, Caroline was ready to move forward 200 years to 2013!

I like that you can curl her hair into as many or as few ringlets.

Now I did go to the American Girl store, with Marie-Grace to buy Caroline, and every few minutes a lady would remind me that when I’m 18, I can work there. But the real star of the show was Marie-Grace because she was wearing clothes that my Grandma made her. Everyone ohhhed and ahhhhed her and I even got taken in to the back to show the managers her dress (below)


Have a great Monday,

Willsbardgirl and all 5 Gals

P.S. Congratulations to Antonia, Flower and Dad for guessing correctly!


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