Yucky Weather

Hi patent readers, it’s me again, Willsbardgirl. I kind of haven’t posted in a while. My area has had a lot of rain, grey sky’s, and overall not doll-photographer friendly weather. It’s *hopefully* going to get nicer soon, so hope for some more posts. I leave you with a parting photo of Miss Sassy, Caroline, looking kind of sweet.



2 thoughts on “Yucky Weather

  1. She’s definitely looking sweet. But can you believe the yucky weather??? When will the gals change into their summer wardrobe?

  2. we have the same weather around here as you do! rain grayskys mud wind and flooded ponds and yards! don’t worry are yards not flooded! yes caroline is kind of sassy! but in that picture above she looks really sweet! i love that outfit on her!

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