Book-y Stuff

Hey gals,

Lately, I’ve been entering the Doll Diaries Photo Contest, here. The theme is reading. So instead of letting my ‘beautiful’ photography go to ‘waste’, I share them with you! Yay, Christmas came early! Included are captions about the photos.


Marie-Grace loves reading, about herself. She fell asleep and left this interesting image hanging in our heads. Thanks a lot, Marie-Grace


After the sparseness of food in WWII, Emily is ready to dig in. She’s drooling at a pea flan in a cook book, but all that I can think is “PEA FLAN!”


Caroline, my troublemaker, is reading a prank book! Oh no!


At my house, we take “Curl Up With a Good Book” literally. Caroline’s snoozing with the giant Harry Potter book. Sweet dreams!

Willsbardgirl (sorry this post was defective the first time)


One thought on “Book-y Stuff

  1. Amber: LOL, the book acts as Marie – Grace’s face!
    Kit: I don’t understand, where are the pics on the Doll Diaries page of yours?
    Emma: Love. The. Dress. Who’s Marie Grace?
    Kit: Let’s start over.

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