New Release 6/27

New AG stuff for us to gorge our money on! Yes! Anyway, lets get right to it.

Saige Tunic

Saige’s Tunic outfit is nice. It looks like real embroidery (unlike Caroline’s Birthday dress) and has great mix and match ability, but it isn’t anything that screams “buy meeeee!”

School DaysThe School Days outfit seems a bit too fancy to actually wear to school (but don’t take my word for it, I’m a homeschooler). I like the shirt, but again nothing epic.

Striped HoodieThis looks like something you’d see at Justice. I’m guessing it will be POPULAR!

Science SetI think that the Science Lab set will be a hit with critics and moms looking to insert STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in to their daughters play.

Tropical BloomThe only outfit I might think of getting is the Tropical Bloom Tunic set. I can’t make it and it fits into my dolls wardrobe (purple, purple and more purple)

Molly’s retiring!!!!! And Emily too. The AG community kinda saw it coming, though. I’ve never been really been interested in buying her, but I loved the book Molly Saves the Day. There’s more goodies on the American Girl website so check it out. Oh, and these pictures are AG’s, not mine.

See ya’ real soon,



Adventures with Kirsten and Silvius

Photo Jun 22, 8 17 37 PM

hey! its Kirsten writing. today i got silvius the cow at a dairy farm. silvius was begging all the ride home to have an adventure, but before we do that, lets get a closer look at the most beautiful cow on the planet.

Photo Jun 22, 8 17 51 PM

what do you have to say silvius?

“moo, phebe, moo”

ok… lets go on an adventure!

Photo Jun 22, 8 18 39 PM

“moo, moo, phebe, up very high”

Photo Jun 22, 8 21 47 PM

“moo, moo, phebe touch the sky.”

Photo Jun 22, 8 19 08 PM

“moo, moo, phebe find some sticks,”

Photo Jun 22, 8 23 39 PM

“moo, moo, phebe loves silvius.”

“huh!” i said, “im not your phebe. get lost silvius!”

“no. you is my phebe. i chase phebe for living so i chase you.”

Photo Jun 22, 8 25 02 PM

“ahhhhhhhh!!!!!” I screamed.

“phebe, phebe, phebe, phebe” that stupid cow said after me

Photo Jun 22, 8 25 20 PM

“mwhahahaha! another one bites the dust!”

the end.

“Great job, Kirsten! But I think your capitalization skills could use some help!”

“ok. anyway, its kirsten and willsbardgirl, signing off.”

6 Projects, 3 Bracelets, and a Modeling Soccer Ball

Another installment in the sewing saga of my life. I bring you, the products of my slaving.

Photo Jun 20, 6 51 35 PM

Photo Jun 20, 6 52 40 PM

Cute doll shorts made from this pattern and fabric leftover from a hat.

Photo Jun 20, 6 56 23 PM

Speaking of a hat, here it is! The soccer ball was working it, so I had to include “Julia” in another shot.

Photo Jun 20, 6 55 58 PM

Oh, look! It’s reversible!

Photo Jun 20, 6 57 40 PM

I’m free motion quilting a waterbottle bag (fun fact: this is what Caroline was sewing in Do-Re-Mi)

Photo Jun 20, 6 58 17 PM

And summer is not complete without a healthy amount of friendship bracelet making.

Happy summer,


Project: Blogiversary Wrapup

Agents Marjorieeeee and Kit,

You have completed the rigorous challenge of Project: Blogiversary! Congratulations! FYI: the American Girl doll I look most like is (drumroll please)…………………..Chrissa! Yes, I own my “look alike doll”. Anyway, Agent Bunny requested that I leave her comments up for future visitors to find.

Again, great job Marjorieeeee and Kit!



Photo Jun 13, 12 09 05 PM

Doe, a deer, a female deer.

Photo Jun 13, 12 21 52 PM

Ray, a drop of golden sun

Photo Jun 13, 12 24 14 PM

Me, a name I call myself

Photo Jun 13, 12 29 09 PM

Far, a long, long way to run

Photo Jun 13, 12 10 56 PM

Sew, a needle pulling thread

Photo Jun 13, 12 25 49 PM (1)

La, a note to follow Sew!

Photo Jun 13, 12 33 53 PM

Tea, a drink with jam and bread,

Photo Jun 13, 12 39 26 PM

That will bring us back to Doe!

Now that’s the sound of music,