Twisty French Twists

Hiya People’z of the World,

I have my first tutorial! Yay! *insert people screaming with delight, fireworks noises, and clapping* I’m not very good at making up crafty things (that’s what the Spicy’s are for), but in a stroke of genius, I came up with a hairstyle called, Twisty French Twists!

For this do, you will need

A doll with longish hair and patience,
A hairbrush,
2 hair rings,
and 2 ribbons (optional)

First, brush your dolls hair, section off a small piece in the front, and split it in half.

Twist both sections away from her face.

Now you’re going to twist towards her face, by putting the back piece over the front one.

Take a small section of her hair and add it to the new back section, by twisting it away from her face.

Now you cross the back over front and repeat. Once you get to about her ear, stop adding hair in and finish it off by twisting the hair to the end.

It should look something like this now. Repeat on the other side. Congratulations! You deciphered my muddling instructions and completed the Twisty French Twists!

Have a fantabulishish day!


P.S. If you do this ‘do on your doll, email me a picture at


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