Kirsten’s Loop Braids

Photo Jun 03, 12 21 15 PM

I have another hairstyle tutorial for you today, and it comes with a story. When I first got Kirsten, I studied her hairdo when I first took it out. A few years back, when my blog was just a figment of my imagination, this was one of the posts I thought of. So you see, this post has been years in the making. Enjoy!


This hairdo requires a doll with long hair (Kirsten, Kanani etc.), doll brush, 2 ribbons, and 2 hair rings.

Photo Jun 03, 12 18 01 PM

Brush your dolls hair, part it, and braid (like so).

Photo Jun 03, 12 18 54 PM

When you get to the bottom, tie off the hair at the VERY end.

Photo Jun 03, 12 19 37 PM

Tie the ribbon at the end, but don’t make a bow.

Photo Jun 03, 12 19 53 PM

Make a little hole at the top of the braid. This might take some wiggling and tugging.

Photo Jun 03, 12 20 24 PM

Now stuff the end of the braid in the pocket/hole. Adjust the hair to cover the ends and wrap the ribbon around the loop to tie a bow. Repeat on the other side and you’re FINISHED!

Photo Jun 03, 12 21 33 PM

Your beautiful doll is now decked out in beautiful braided loops, perfect for a pioneer night or joining the Braidy Bunch! Hahahaha!

Au revoir,


P.S. If you do this hairstyle on your doll, email me a picture at


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