Project: Blogiversary

Hello, People of the Universe, its me, Willsbardgirl. Now this information is confidential so I ask that you step in to my briefing room. Watch out for the fire breathing dragon, and oh, I need your retina scanned! Anyway, I have recived transmissions titled “Project: Blogiversary”, from a mysterious person visiting Me and My Gals, codename “Agent Bunny”. The only things she left me were these instructions and a random mug shot of her.

Photo Jun 10, 1 16 54 PM

In order to decode the message I left in the comments you must

1. Find the comments

2. Take the first letter in each of them

3. Rearrange the letters and after a few thousand tries,

4. Leave your answer in the comments.

The question is……….”What doll does Willsbardgirl look most like?”

Now Peoples of the Universe, this in your hands. Do you want your mind set free of wondering the ansers, or to wallow in eternal imprisonment and unknowing? You have until next Tuesday to decode the code. Start…..NOW!

Edit: FYI, I’m not going to approve your answer comments until 6/18, to deter potential cheaters (you know who you are). Have fun!


5 thoughts on “Project: Blogiversary

  1. That was fun! The answer is Chrissa! So that means straight brown hair, no bangs, and blue eyes? Cool. Here’s a clue for the doll I look most like: it’s an anagram of Tik. Tough one, right?

  2. Just want to say: I’m not sure if Kit was cheating or not, because she found the comments in a very easy way (Comments RSS). Is that cheating?

    • That Kit! I always knew she was sneaky! I got it fixed. And I would not call that cheating, because even I didn’t think of that!

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