Adventures with Kirsten and Silvius

Photo Jun 22, 8 17 37 PM

hey! its Kirsten writing. today i got silvius the cow at a dairy farm. silvius was begging all the ride home to have an adventure, but before we do that, lets get a closer look at the most beautiful cow on the planet.

Photo Jun 22, 8 17 51 PM

what do you have to say silvius?

“moo, phebe, moo”

ok… lets go on an adventure!

Photo Jun 22, 8 18 39 PM

“moo, moo, phebe, up very high”

Photo Jun 22, 8 21 47 PM

“moo, moo, phebe touch the sky.”

Photo Jun 22, 8 19 08 PM

“moo, moo, phebe find some sticks,”

Photo Jun 22, 8 23 39 PM

“moo, moo, phebe loves silvius.”

“huh!” i said, “im not your phebe. get lost silvius!”

“no. you is my phebe. i chase phebe for living so i chase you.”

Photo Jun 22, 8 25 02 PM

“ahhhhhhhh!!!!!” I screamed.

“phebe, phebe, phebe, phebe” that stupid cow said after me

Photo Jun 22, 8 25 20 PM

“mwhahahaha! another one bites the dust!”

the end.

“Great job, Kirsten! But I think your capitalization skills could use some help!”

“ok. anyway, its kirsten and willsbardgirl, signing off.”


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