New Release 6/27

New AG stuff for us to gorge our money on! Yes! Anyway, lets get right to it.

Saige Tunic

Saige’s Tunic outfit is nice. It looks like real embroidery (unlike Caroline’s Birthday dress) and has great mix and match ability, but it isn’t anything that screams “buy meeeee!”

School DaysThe School Days outfit seems a bit too fancy to actually wear to school (but don’t take my word for it, I’m a homeschooler). I like the shirt, but again nothing epic.

Striped HoodieThis looks like something you’d see at Justice. I’m guessing it will be POPULAR!

Science SetI think that the Science Lab set will be a hit with critics and moms looking to insert STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in to their daughters play.

Tropical BloomThe only outfit I might think of getting is the Tropical Bloom Tunic set. I can’t make it and it fits into my dolls wardrobe (purple, purple and more purple)

Molly’s retiring!!!!! And Emily too. The AG community kinda saw it coming, though. I’ve never been really been interested in buying her, but I loved the book Molly Saves the Day. There’s more goodies on the American Girl website so check it out. Oh, and these pictures are AG’s, not mine.

See ya’ real soon,



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