Caroline’s Outdoor Adventure!

2013-08-07 01.31.11“Owner!”

“Yes, Caroline.”

“I wanna go outside.”


2013-08-07 01.31.58“Owner” said Caroline in a whiney tone, “I can’t reach the doorknob!”

“Ask politely.”

“Would you pleeeeaaaasssse get the door?”

“OK, fine.” I reply.

Once the door’s opened, Caroline rushes out and greedily grabs for the scooter.

2013-08-07 01.33.49“Woohoo! I got it before you! Hahahaha!”

“But Caroline, the scooter’s two times your height, how are you going to reach the handlebars?”

“never mind.”

2013-08-07 01.36.21“Wheee! I’m pogo sticking!”

“No, you’re not. You’re just standing on it. Please get off.”

2013-08-07 01.37.58“I was gonna play kickball, but this ball looks dead.”

“Thanks for putting it nicely, Caroline.”

2013-08-07 01.40.31“Oh, look! I found a stick! Now I can be Caroline the Great, slayer of the dragon, protector of the Queen…….”

2013-08-07 01.40.51“Touch!”

“No fair! But now it’s ON!”

2013-08-07 01.41.17“Arrrrrggggghhhhhh!”

“Yoooouuuu wiiiiilllllllll paaaaayyyyy!”

“Ha! You’re down, Caroline!”

2013-08-07 01.42.15“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. I come to bury Caroline once and for all.”

“Let me get up!”

“Fine, but we have to take one more picture to commemorate the day I beat my doll at sword fighting!”

2013-08-07 01.43.15The title is Victory!

Your victorious blogger,



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