Criss-Cross Braids

2013-08-10 23.59.20

Today at The Gals Hairstyle Academy, I shall teach you how to create a fabulous Criss-Cross Braid ‘do. Now lets get started.

2013-08-10 23.41.32

These are your supplies. A doll brush, and 2 hair rings. It’s also helpful to have a couple more hair rings or clips to temporarily secure the braids.

2013-08-10 23.40.32

First brush out your doll’s hair.

2013-08-10 23.42.48

Take a section of hair from the front and braid it away from her face.

2013-08-10 23.44.43

Like so. Repeat on other side.

2013-08-10 23.50.40

Part hair down the back and cross braids over.

2013-08-10 23.52.36

Separate hair on one side into three sections with mini-braid from other side in back section. Braid. Repeat on other side, crossing mini-braid over, as shown below.

2013-08-10 23.56.43

Ta-da! You have completed the Criss-Cross Braids! Now admire your beautiful doll’s beautiful hair.

2013-08-10 23.59.34

Back view. This the tiny braids add a little pizzazz to ordinary braids.

2013-08-10 23.59.10Front view. Looking great, Kirsten!

Thanks for being my student at The Gals Hairstyle Academy!



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