A Fruity Infomercial

2013-08-30 23.33.02

Welcome to Infomercial Today! I am your host, Emily Bennett! Today we’re promoting fruits!

2013-08-30 23.32.13

Oooohhhhh! Look at the delicious fruits just waiting to be popped into my mouth. But, not only are they delicious, they are healthy too!

2013-08-30 23.33.38

This yellow concoction has more potassium then any other fruit, and comes in it’s own carrying case! Over achiever!

2013-08-30 23.33.58

The tart, golden gems are not just for Thanksgiving, because they contain proanthocyanidins, which helps you fight colds.

2013-08-30 23.34.05

Apricots contain Vitamin A which promotes good vision, which helps you to see their beautiful orange color!

2013-08-30 23.34.20

Strawberries are chock full of iron, calcium, and magnesium.

2013-08-30 23.34.56

Apples are loaded with fiber, and are natural mouth fresheners, so whenever you take a bite, you’re doing everyone else a favor!

2013-08-30 23.36.22

All this talk about these delicious fruits is making me hungry, probably you too. Pick up some at a store near you, today! This is Infomercial Emily, signing off!

This is for the Eating for Beauty Girl Scout badge. In it, you learn about how the foods you eat affect you.



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