Sewing Adventures: Leggings and Other Awesomeness

So this week, I finally broke down and bought the leggings pattern from Liberty Jane. Since I had to sew up a pair immediately, why not make a matching skirt.

2013-09-03 03.18.55Ta-da! I made these leggings out of the same fabric as this shirt, and the skirt out of one of my mom’s old skirts. Marie-Grace is rockin’ them with the tank top from the Yoga Outfit.

2013-09-03 03.19.48

Close up. I think the length of the skirt is perfect, just at her knee, and the color combination is unexpected!

2013-09-03 03.20.57

Here’s the leggings by themselves. This would be a perfect outfit to wear to Modern Dance class.

2013-09-03 03.22.09

And the skirt on its own.

Thank you for reading and mentally supporting my sewing happenings,




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