Handkerchief Skirt Tutorial

Hey! Way back, a month ago, I made a beautiful handkerchief skirt. When I was sewing it up, I thought “Maybe I should make this into a tutorial so people all over the internet can make beautiful skirts for their dolls.” Well that’s what I did! Enjoy!

American Girl Handkerchief Skirt Tutorial

2013-09-12 23.24.38Skill level: Patient beginner


  • Voile or knit fabric
  • 1″ wide elastic
  • Coordinating thread

2013-09-10 00.19.11

Cut out 2 12″ by 12″ squares of voile or knit fabric (this does not account for hemming, if you wish, you may do a rolled hem, but just make your squares 13″ by 13″). Take a cup or small bowl (about 12″ in circumference) and trace around it in the exact center of your squares. Cut the circle out.

2013-09-10 00.24.18

Turn one of the squares 45 degrees so they make a star. Pin in place if needed.

2013-09-10 00.34.32

Take your 1″ wide elastic and cut it to 11″. Overlap the ends a bit and sew two straight lines at the edge, to make a loop.

2013-09-12 22.57.17

Now comes the annoyingest part. Pinning. Pin your fabric to your elastic in quarters first, and then pin and fill in the gaps.

2013-09-12 23.04.15

This is about how many pins you should have when you’re done. Oh my!

2013-09-12 23.07.17

Now you’re going to sew around the edge at 1/4″, stretching the elastic to account for the fabric. A little catching is okay. Flip the skirt inside out, and press. And you’re finished!

2013-09-12 23.23.38

Your beautiful skirt is ready to go anywhere with your doll. To the beach, a picnic, or even to a tea party.

2013-09-12 23.24.16

This is a great skirt for any fairy loving doll. She can pretend to flutter away with the gorgeous uneven hem.

2013-09-12 23.25.01

Emily loves her Handkerchief Skirt, so what are you waiting for? Make one of these up for your doll, and they’ll look fabulous!


P.S. If you make this skirt, email me a picture at contact.meandmygals@gmail.com


14 thoughts on “Handkerchief Skirt Tutorial

  1. Very cute; made one a while back with a hankie from Hobby Lobby, but need to rip out the elastic and try again to get it more evenly sewn — it’s the only tricky part on these fun skirts! LOVE your beautiful skirt — thanks for sharing!!!

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  9. Are you really cutting out a 12 inch circle out of the middle? Seems like that would be too big. Your cup looks smaller.

    • If you measure around the outside of my cup, it is 12 inches long. The hole in my fabric is about 3 3/4 inches across. Happy sewing!

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