Staircase Braid Tutorial

2013-10-07 20.55.04

It’s that time again! I have here a brand new, Me and My Gals hairstyle tutorial, the Staircase Braid. This is a fairly simple ‘do that only requires your long haired doll, a brush and a hair ring. Let’s get started!

2013-10-07 21.57.35  Brush out your doll’s hair and then take a section from the front (near the part, if your doll has one). Start a French braid, but instead of picking up hair from both sides, only pick up with the bottom chunk.

2013-10-07 22.00.46Braid down and around the back of her head, keeping on only picking up on the bottom.

2013-10-07 22.03.23

Keep turning the braid until it falls over her shoulder. Finish off by braiding to the end, add your hair ring and “Voilà!” your done!

2013-10-07 21.55.49

Your doll now looks fabulous with her beautiful Staircase Braid. It wraps around her head, swooping elegantly like a lovely Victorian staircase. Congratulations!

Until next time, eat as many s’mores as you can,


P.S. If you do this hairstyle, email me a picture at


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