Emily’s Last Trick-or-Treat: A Halloween Photostory

2013-10-21 02.51.55

On Halloween night, Emily was walking along a street in her costume. 2013-10-21 02.52.51

She came across a eerie, chilling, rundown house. “Hmmm. I bet they have yummy candy.” Emily thought, and she stepped through the gate.2013-10-21 02.54.13

As she was walking up the walkway, the gate closed with a bone chilling crrreeeekkkk!

2013-10-21 02.55.15

Suddenly, she wasn’t so sure about this house. “It’s only going to take a minute.” she said to no one in particular.

2013-10-21 02.56.52

“Knock, knock, knock. Trick or treat!”

2013-10-21 02.58.39“Ummm. Where are they? Anybody home?”

2013-10-21 02.59.15

From the shadows, a hideous creature emerged, with ratty curls, bloodied apron, oddly vacant mask, and a sharp looking dagger.

2013-10-21 03.01.12

The “thing” advanced on Emily. She screamed and ran.

2013-10-21 03.02.29“Get away from me, you cat!” 2013-10-21 03.04.40

“Stop following me!” 2013-10-21 03.04.50

“Ahhhhhhhh!”2013-10-21 03.05.24

“No. no. no.no.no.no.no.no! Don’t hurt me! I’m innocent!” cried a desperate Emily.

2013-10-21 03.10.00“Me only come to kill.”

2013-10-21 03.08.58

Emily heard a blood-curdling shriek coming from who-knows-where, and everything went black.


Happy Halloween!



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