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Would you like to know more about the Me and My Gals gang? Do you have and “burning questions” for me? Well look no further! The official Me and My Gals Q & A post is here. Type a couple questions in the comments for me or one of my dolls, by next Saturday and I will answer it (of course if you ask “what is your phone number” or “what is your favorite curse word” I won’t respond). I can’t wait to see your questions! Ready….set……..type!



Happy Thanksgiving

2013-11-26 23.34.39

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for my dolls, the internet, and all my readers. Thanks to all of you!


PS: Have a Happy Thanksgivukkah, too!

Free American Girl Mittens Tutorial

It’s been getting colder in Me and My Galsville, so my dolls need some mittens. Behold! Free Mittens Pattern is here!

Free American Girl Mittens header

Are you ready! You will need….

  • Fleece or old sweater
  • Coordinating thread
  • Mitten pattern piece
  • Basic sewing supplies

Mitten Pattern Small

Print this out, making sure the scale is right.

2013-11-09 19.20.19

Pin your pattern piece to your fabric, and cut 4. 2013-11-09 19.23.14

Pin up 1/4th of an inch and sew. Be sure you have 2 folded up to make left mittens and 2 to make right. I made that mistake. :^(

2013-11-09 19.26.13

Pin the top and bottom with the right sides together, and sew on line as indicated on pattern piece. Trim seams and turn inside out.

2013-11-09 19.33.59Ta-da! Your doll’s fingers will be toasty for the rest of the winter! Now what do you want me to show you how to make next?

Happy sewing,


P.S. If you sewed some mittens for your doll, please email me a picture to contact.meandmygals@gmail.com

Sewing Adventures: A Hodgepodge of Things!

Hi! I have an update to my many sewing exploits.

2013-11-02 00.10.34

For my birthday, my sister’s fabulous godparents gave me doll patterns. One of them was the Frozen Hot Chocolate Holiday dress. It was originally made for velveteen fabric, but I did it in cotton and it turned out great! The pattern was surprisingly easy and the Gals all look fabulous in it.2013-11-02 00.10.49

Instead of Velcro, I put snaps down the back. Time consuming, but snag-free! 2013-11-02 02.18.00

Here are a pair of full length leggings from Liberty Jane’s pattern, made of rainbow chevron with special care to match the sides. It’s paired with the Handkerchief Skirt.


In non-doll news, I made shoelaces using this tutorial and they have gotten endless compliments! I highly recommend them.

Happy November!



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