Hair Do’in’ in Nature: 3 Ring Waterfall

Well…..that was an awkward title! Anyway, today I sat down with Caroline to make a hair style for her, and miraculously I succeeded! Also, the leaves have started falling of the trees at my house (jeez, it’s already November). So instead of doing a boring post of a doll getting her hair done against a boring background, I brought Caroline out with the trees, leaves and bees  to bring you HAIR DO’IN’ IN NATURE!!!

2013-11-02 02.17.36

The finished product. Aren’t you excited!

2013-11-02 02.13.17

Here are the supplies:

  • Hairbrush
  • 3 hair rings
  • Your doll
  • 2 leaves artistically framing the shot

2013-11-02 02.13.53

Take a section from the top front of her hair.2013-11-02 02.14.45

Tie it. 2013-11-02 02.15.53

Take another chunk, and tie that one in with the first, so it gracefully swoops down.

2013-11-02 02.17.11

Repeat. And we’re finished. Your doll is now ready for whatever leaves fall her way!

2013-11-02 02.10.54

It’s picture perfect. The leaves and the trees and the bees especially. NOT you Caroline!



3 thoughts on “Hair Do’in’ in Nature: 3 Ring Waterfall

  1. Gorgeous hairstyle! I think I’ll try it out on Melody! It really suits Caroline by the way. I LOVE your blog! Please visit mine (by clicking on my name).

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