Free American Girl Mittens Tutorial

It’s been getting colder in Me and My Galsville, so my dolls need some mittens. Behold! Free Mittens Pattern is here!

Free American Girl Mittens header

Are you ready! You will need….

  • Fleece or old sweater
  • Coordinating thread
  • Mitten pattern piece
  • Basic sewing supplies

Mitten Pattern Small

Print this out, making sure the scale is right.

2013-11-09 19.20.19

Pin your pattern piece to your fabric, and cut 4. 2013-11-09 19.23.14

Pin up 1/4th of an inch and sew. Be sure you have 2 folded up to make left mittens and 2 to make right. I made that mistake. :^(

2013-11-09 19.26.13

Pin the top and bottom with the right sides together, and sew on line as indicated on pattern piece. Trim seams and turn inside out.

2013-11-09 19.33.59Ta-da! Your doll’s fingers will be toasty for the rest of the winter! Now what do you want me to show you how to make next?

Happy sewing,


P.S. If you sewed some mittens for your doll, please email me a picture to


6 thoughts on “Free American Girl Mittens Tutorial

    • How fitting that I found this on Pinterest today, as I just made a fleece jacket from a scarf purchased at the 99-cent store and now I’ll have matching mittens! I’m going to use the serged edge as the top of my mittens, so I’ll link a photo here when I’ve finished them. Thank you sooo much for sharing this sweet little pattern!!! :~)

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  2. OK…I am totally new at this American Girl stuff. Please explain why it really matters if you have the mittens a certain way. I don’t even have the doll (making clothes for a doll for a little girl I don’t even know) but I would think they would be interchangeable. Am I totally missing something? Also, why not put the non-thumb side on a fold? Just fewer tiny pieces to keep track of.

    I am loving this and wish I had a doll to fit things, too. Even following patterns, it is sometimes questionable. I would love to make rings for the doll with antique buttons but what is the circumference of her index finger? Sorry, to be so chatty….I have many more questions. Sure need the doll, don’t I?

    • Hi Marilyn! The reason you need to fold the hem up on two different sides is to have the right side of the hem out on each mitten. I didn’t put the non-thumb side on the fold because that side is slightly curved. I measured and their index finger is approximately 1 cm around. I hope this helps!

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