Sewing Adventures: A Try at Toms

As previously mentioned, I got some doll patterns for Christmas. One of those was the “Janes” pattern. This is the second time I have ever made doll shoes (remember the first?) and it is harder then I thought, but luckily it doesn’t take much fabric, so I might make more. Next time I will probably use a simpler print, though, to showcase the details.


Here they are. I really love this fabric, because it looks like cells or something of that nature.

IMG_0080Another view. Sewing the top to the bottom was very hard. The fabric kept bunching up in the heel. Grrrrr! And of course, I have like no patience for seam ripping.


Here’s the shoes’ back (and bad) side. I didn’t get everything glued under correctly, and this is where I had to rip out 6,000,000 times. But it does leave room for improvement.

IMG_0084My model, Caroline, says they are comfortable, and the imperfections just give it character.

Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and following! Seriously, knowing I have an audience that I’m entertaining makes blogging so much fun. Thank you again,




Christmas Haul!!!

Did you have a merry Christmas?

I sure did! In addition to a few doll patterns, a gift card to buy fabric for the doll patterns and a toothbrush (I’m not sure about the last one), I got something that directly affects you. First, I have to set the stage. Back when I first started Me and My Gals, I used my mom’s iPhone to take photos. That was okay when she was around, but impossible to blog when she wasn’t. Then, my awesome Grandma lent me her camera for a trip this summer, but we kept it up until Thanksgiving when I had to give it back to it’s rightful owner. Now I was back where I started. That is until now, because for Christmas I got………………………

A camera! Yayyyyy!!!!! Here are a couple of test photos of Chrissa in our fast disappearing snow. Enjoy!




Thanks for reading. Also, please leave me a comment telling how your holidays were, and which 12 Days of Christmas line was your favorite.

Have a happy early New Year,


Twefth Day of Christmas

Oooonnn thhhheee Twwwwelffffth daaaayyy offff Chrrrissstttmaaass Ammmmeeericaann Girrrrllll gaaaavee tooo meeeee…..

day 12

12 days of fun!

11 Girl of the Year’s

10 wishful wishes

9 school sets

8 farm animals

7 foreign girls

6 books in series

My 5 dolls!!!!!!

4 pretty puppies

3 old Historicals

2 Christmas dresses

and 1 awwwesoomeee cooompaaanyyy!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas posts.  Thank you to my “partner in crime”, Rainbow Sprinkles, for her ideas, and thank you to my family, and my dolls, and American Girl, and my director, and the world! And thank you to my readers: I really appreciate your support.

Merry Christmas, again!