Twefth Day of Christmas

Oooonnn thhhheee Twwwwelffffth daaaayyy offff Chrrrissstttmaaass Ammmmeeericaann Girrrrllll gaaaavee tooo meeeee…..

day 12

12 days of fun!

11 Girl of the Year’s

10 wishful wishes

9 school sets

8 farm animals

7 foreign girls

6 books in series

My 5 dolls!!!!!!

4 pretty puppies

3 old Historicals

2 Christmas dresses

and 1 awwwesoomeee cooompaaanyyy!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas posts.  Thank you to my “partner in crime”, Rainbow Sprinkles, for her ideas, and thank you to my family, and my dolls, and American Girl, and my director, and the world! And thank you to my readers: I really appreciate your support.

Merry Christmas, again!



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