Sewing Adventures: A Try at Toms

As previously mentioned, I got some doll patterns for Christmas. One of those was the “Janes” pattern. This is the second time I have ever made doll shoes (remember the first?) and it is harder then I thought, but luckily it doesn’t take much fabric, so I might make more. Next time I will probably use a simpler print, though, to showcase the details.


Here they are. I really love this fabric, because it looks like cells or something of that nature.

IMG_0080Another view. Sewing the top to the bottom was very hard. The fabric kept bunching up in the heel. Grrrrr! And of course, I have like no patience for seam ripping.


Here’s the shoes’ back (and bad) side. I didn’t get everything glued under correctly, and this is where I had to rip out 6,000,000 times. But it does leave room for improvement.

IMG_0084My model, Caroline, says they are comfortable, and the imperfections just give it character.

Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and following! Seriously, knowing I have an audience that I’m entertaining makes blogging so much fun. Thank you again,




5 thoughts on “Sewing Adventures: A Try at Toms

  1. Those are awesome!! I make them for my Etsy shop, and the first ones that I made were worse than yours! I too found it really really hard to sew the top to the bottom, but after making lots and lots, it’s gotten much easier. 🙂

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