Big Surprise!!!!

How has your week been? I’ve been having a pretty good week, especially yesterday. Yesterday, I WENT TO THE AMERICAN GIRL STORE AND BOUGHT A NEW DOLL!!!!!! She currently doesn’t have a name. She will time travel to the 1930’s.  These pictures were taken after we got home and she changed out of her subpar meet outfit.


She is MAG #46; dark skin, brown curly hair, brown eyes, Sonali mold.

IMG_0103Her hair is so beautiful and curly!

IMG_0104The boots are the only part of her subpar meet outfit that I love.


For names, I was thinking either Opal or Ruby. I really like Ruby, but it might be too close to Ruthie, another 1930’s character. Opal is the favorite of my sister because she wants to call her Opie. Currently I am in a bind on which name suits her best! Here’s a poll, so you can help me decide. I may or may not use the name you guys choose, but your choice will be considered. Thanks for the help in advance!

Willsbardgirl and “Nameless”


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