Opal’s First Frozen Custard


“Opal, are you ready to have the Gal’s favorite frozen treat!”

“Is it ice cream?”

“No, no, no, this is frozen custard. It’s different.”


“So how is frozen custard different than ice cream?”

“Well, frozen custard is 10% butter fat and 1.4% egg yokes. Any less egg yoke, it is called ice cream. Frozen custard has less air in it, making it very smooth and dense. It’s served at about 26 degrees, as apposed to ice cream’s 10, which helps you taste all the flavors, because your taste buds don’t get numbed. It is typically in a machine like this one. The custard comes out through the hatch, into the bucket underneath.”


“How was frozen custard become popular?” asked Opal.

“It was invented in 1919 in Coney Island, New York,” replied Chrissa,” when brothers Elton and Archie Kohr discovered that when you add eggs to ice cream, the end product is smoother. The “frozen custard” was a big hit; selling 18,460 cones on it’s first weekend. It was introduced to a wider audience at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago. Frozen custard was especially a hit with Midwesterners; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is called the unofficial frozen custard capitol of the world.”


“Wow! That’s so cool! Let’s order! Hmmmm, so many choices. I would like a Coffee Chip, please.” said Opie.

“And I want Mint Chocolate Chip. Now we just have to wait for them to mix them up.” added Chrissa.


“Mmmmm. Looks delicious! Thanks!”


“I can’t wait to dig in!”

*10 minutes later*


“Wow! That frozen custard was very yummy! No wonder it sold 18,460 cones on it’s first weekend! But I have one question. Why are we eating frozen custard in January?” wondered Opal

“Well, it’s never too cold for ice cream………or frozen custard!”

This has been a “Willsbardgirl Educational Doll Photosory” production. If you didn’t know, every once in a while, I do some kind of project that involves sharing my work with the world. Usually, my dolls willingly vollinteer to share the information. Also, as you might have deduced, I named my new doll Opal. Thank you all for voting and suggesting names!



5 thoughts on “Opal’s First Frozen Custard

  1. Hmmm, I thought New Jersey was the unofficial frozen custard capitol. 😉 They have tons of it in New Jersey.
    Love this post. Makes me want to visit our Kiwi Yogurt store and mix up a cup of frozen yogurt.

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