Sewing Adventures: The Persian Green Dress

My Friends,

Caroline has been in “need” of a new dress, so since she is so spoiled and would not let off, I made her one from my own pattern, an alteration of the dress I made here. After some serger complications (seriously, this fabric was super ravely, so I couldn’t cut corners) it’s finished!


I present to you the Persian Green Dress! This Regency style dress has puffed sleeves, empire waist, and a contrast sash.


A close up on the sleeves. The sleeves pattern is from Josefina’s Christmas Dress.


I redrew the bodice to have a curved neckline. The dash of sophistication the satiny ribbon sash brings I think is beautiful.

IMG_0193Back view. I used no-snag Velcro here.

IMG_0205Caroline, wearing the Persian Green dress, alongside Kirsten, wearing Caroline’s Meet dress. Caroline’s Meet dress was the model for the neckline and bodice and skirt length.


The sleeves next to each other. I have also drafted a pattern for Caroline’s Meet sleeves, so in the future I have options for variations.





A closing shot. Caroline says she is glad to have something to change into when she visits 1812. In other news, the Gals and About Me pages got updated! Opal is glad she’s now an *official* member of the Me and My Gals family!



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