Dolls in the Snow: Belated Edition

It snowed!!!!! A week ago. Yes, I’m not exactly on top of matters of precipitation. Have you guys been enjoying the Olympics? Other than Caroline refusing to watch the ice skating, due to unfortunate flash backs, and Emily and Kirsten getting into arguments about which country is better, Sweden or the UK, it’s been great. Enjoy the photos.




IMG_0419       IMG_0420

Chrissa would like to mention that I, her owner, knitted this scarf, and that it’s the most warmest, cuddliest, coziest thing she’s ever worn. In other news, Chrissa is moving up the Favorite Doll Scale.



4 thoughts on “Dolls in the Snow: Belated Edition

  1. Awesome photo shoot. Love the outfit. that coat is gorgeous and the scarf great. We’re watching the Olympics too. Thankfully no arguments here. We cheer all the teams (of course we really like when the US medals). Yes, Kirsten is cheering for Sweden here too. 🙂

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