Sewing Adventures: Opal’s Meet Dress

When I got Opal, I knew she would need a proper ’30’s style “meet” dress. Prior to that, I had bought some beautiful purple and yellow fabric, and was intending to make a different dress with it, but I found that I needed more yardage than I had. Then, a flash of inspiration! What if I use the calico for Opie’s dress. Unfortunately, my fabric store didn’t have the right shade of yellow for the contrast fabric, so I had to wait until spring break. Now, at long last, I present to you Opal’s Meet Dress!

IMG_0565The whole thing. I used the Heritage Doll Fashions 1930’s Gathered dress. It worked well, and is cute. If I make this for Opal again, I would make it skinnier around the waist. Seamstress Pet Peeve: Opal is significantly thinner than all my other dolls.


Close up of the bodice and gathering. I love this aspect of the pattern.

IMG_0568I made a matching hair bow from downsized dimensions off the internet. Gotta love Pinterest!


The fabric that started it all. As you can see, I was lucky enough to own some matching white shoes!

IMG_0570Looking great, Opal!



6 thoughts on “Sewing Adventures: Opal’s Meet Dress

  1. Absolutely divine!!!!! I love the style and the colors – the yellow band perks up the blue / periwinkle (?) just yummy!

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