The Gal’s Hair Lair: Chrissa

I have a new series for you all. It is “The Gal’s Hair Lair” where I show each of the doll’s hair as they came and some suggested hair do’s. Today we start out with Chrissa.

2014-04-08 08.12.25

Chrissa’s hair came down. It is short and flippy at the ends, and cut slightly on an angle, as to appear straight when pulled back.

2014-04-08 08.13.07

One way I like doing Chrissa’s hair is a simply clipped back.

2014-04-08 08.11.43Pigtails are especially cute on her!

2014-04-08 08.14.32

Headbands also look great on Chrissa. You can learn how to make them here.

Let me know which look you like best!



3 thoughts on “The Gal’s Hair Lair: Chrissa

  1. I love the pigtails best! They look great with the yoga outfit…. I wonder who dressed her? (cough, cough. Hint, hint.)

  2. I think that is the neat thing about the Girl of the Year line, they make a bit of effort in making them ever so slightly different than the standard MAG’s available. I don’t think I’ve seen any other AG with a cute hair cut like Chrissa’s.

    My favorite style…it’s a tie between clipped back and two low ponytails.

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