The Gal’s Hair Lair: Marie-Grace

Today I have the second part of the Hair Lair saga (to see previous installments, click here). Miss Emmy-G is here to show us all about her locks.

2014-04-14 14.46.56Marie-Grace has waist-length brown hair with 4 pincurls on each side. It came with 2 partial braids tucked back around her head. This hairstyle left kinks in some of her hair.

2014-04-14 14.47.45

Close up of the kinks. They’ve relaxed over time but when I got her in late 2012, they were very pronounced. Now these sections of hair are pretty much just lacking the slight curl of their cohorts.

2014-04-16 13.04.39

Marie-Grace now has the front sections of her hair braided.2014-04-16 13.04.59

Side view.

2014-04-16 13.07.49Now she has added ribbons and tied the braids together. This is a pretty good alternative to her original hairstyle; it looks very similar from the front.

2014-04-16 13.08.47

Back view. My Marie-Grace wears this hairstyle a lot, but usually sans bows.

2014-04-14 14.14.11

Here Marie-Grace has her pincurls braided into a French braid. It’s a more modern look, but *disclaimer* her pincurls might come out a deformed.



And bonus, I made a tutorial for Twisty French Twists that look great on Marie-Grace.



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