Girl of the Year Generator

Wow! It has been an awful long time since there’s been a post here on Me and My Gals. I hope this one makes up for the absence. So without further ado, here is the long awaited Girl of the Year Generator!

Girl of the Year Generator Part 1

Girl of the Year Generator Part 2(If you need to see better, click on the photo). Here’s how it works. The first letter of your first name corresponds with your Girl’s first name. Same with the final letter of your last name, it corresponds with her last name. In the second part, you discover her story. Your birth month coincides with the main conflict or issue in the Girl of the Year’s story. Finally her interest corresponds with the date you were born on. For example, here is my Girl of the Year:

Lizzy Jackson is a aerialist coping with Dyslexia.

What did you get? If you had your choice, what would your ideal Girl of the Year be?



13 thoughts on “Girl of the Year Generator

  1. Louisa Thomas – she loves modern dance and has to adjust through a cross country move. I kind of wish my birthday was the 20th because then they could do the move via auto train. 🙂 Or 31 so she could try and find a spot on the lacrosse team.

  2. Emma Collins is a blogger with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (The rest is in my own words) She blogs to express her emotions, to ensure that she can express them in a way other than yelling at her little brother, Jakob. She is a sixth grader at Clayton School for Girls in California (made up), and is considered the smartest girl in her grade. When the group of three popular, mean girls, Jade, Becca, and Victoria, overhear Ella talking to their home room teacher about her blog, the decide to check it out. The three girls figure out that she has Asperger Syndrome, and that her condition makes her very smart for her age. They start teasing her at school, and since Ella doesn’t have her computer, she expresses her emotions physically.

    I hope you enjoyed!!! ~Amelia

  3. Cool! So I’m Yuna Wrangham, I’m a geologist, and I survived a house fire. My older sister is Lizzy Wrangham, she’s good at Jazz Dance, and is an immigrant. My younger half-sister is Shawna Green. She’s good with aerial silks, and her grandmother has died. I like this! Because now I can tell my dad what his girl name would be… ( Which, by the way, is Lakysha Wrangham )

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