Sewing Adventures: Embelishment

The Gals have been having fun while Opal and Caroline are gone. They’ve made a couple of posts, slept in a bunch (Caroline usually wakes everyone up at the first sign of sunlight), and overall been doing dandy. I visited Opie Dopes and Carolynalyn at the exhibit. I think they were making friends with the ceramic hippo across the way. Anyway, lets get to the Sewing Crafting Adventures.


Over the Fourth of July (yes, I’m really late) I painted my doll bed. It used to be a natural wood tone, but I painted it white with some paint we already had. It took 2 coats.


Here’s a close up of the paint job. The quilt was made by my grandma, and the pillows by me, a long time ago.


And here is Emmy-G (I’m using the Gal’s nicknames, lovingly given by my sister. Yes I nickname my dolls) in a tank top (I made it in this post). I appliquéd a kite on and embroidered the tail.


Here’s a close up, so your eyes don’t have to work (I’m talkin’ to you, Dad).

IMG_1169Marie-Grace is still working on catching up on her sleep. Good night!



7 thoughts on “Sewing Adventures: Embelishment

  1. That’s really cute. The bed looks great…fresh and clean…shows off the quilt well. The kite on the top is rally cute.
    I sleep in on vacation too. It’s nice not having an alarm clock for a while.

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