Site Overview


Hello reader, this is Me and My Gals, and I am here to show you around. First you may read about me, myself and I in the About Me page. Then you can mosey over to the Gals page. Here at MaMG Enterprises, we also have many departments; we have the Photography Department, the Sewing Department, and the Lolling Around Eating Cheese Department. Maybe the last one was mislabeled? Anyway here are descriptions of the different kinds of posts we do at Me and My Gals.

Photo Shoots: My dolls are beautiful. It’s no secret. I share their beauty with you in my photo shoot posts.

Tutorials: Are you crafty, creative or cultured? Well here we have some fun DIY’s for you to do yourself.

Photostories: The Gals have interesting and varied lives. They are documented in the photostory posts.

Sewing: Many things come out of my sewing machine for the Gals. These textile “masterpieces” are on display in the sewing posts.





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