Side Swept Twists: A Hairstyle Tutorial

IMG_0483 resized

It’s once again hair-doin’ with Carolinalin time! Today we have the Side Swept Twists, a great hairstyle for your center parted dolls. It has a springy vibe, which goes well with the current weather conditions. I hope spring has finally sprung! Anyway, here’s how to make your Side Swept Twists. IMG_0484

For this ‘do you will just need your doll brush and a hair ring. First, brush out your “victim’s” hair.


Take a section of hair from the center of her head and part it from side to side.


Twist the sections one way.


Rope braid down by twisting them together the other way.

IMG_0491Secure at the bottom with hair ring.

IMG_0480Ta-da! You are ready for warmer weather with your cute curlicues.


This hairstyle gives a different look to your center part gals.

Until next time, cheerio!


P.S. If you do this hairstyle, please email me a picture at

Caroline Cosplays Elsa from Frozen

Up until this weekend I was the last person in the world to see the new Disney movie Frozen. It was worth the wait. The songs are super catchy and Olaf is the cutest snowman ever; I especially liked the character Elsa. She has awesome hair and deep emotions and Caroline looks exactly like her, so she had to cosplay Elsa. Since actually making an ice gown, or a Norwegian coronation dress will have to wait, Caroline is dressed as “Young Elsa”. This look is seen in the “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” sequence. The outfit she is wearing is a replica of Addy’s School Suit and Blouse made by my grandma. Enjoy!

Frozen CollageSide by side, they’re pretty close. If jacket’s trim was black and she had a blue blouse and bangs (gotta love alliteration) she would be a dead ringer!IMG_0349

Caroline’s having a hard time holding back! She couldn’t last 10 minutes, never mind 10 years.


Uuuggg! Being stuck in my bedroom without my sister is horrible!

IMG_0351And as an added bonus, there will be a tutorial for this headband Caroline/Elsa is wearing sometime soon. Caroline lost her hat yesterday, but the cold never bothered her anyway.

Stay warm,


Sewing Adventures: The Persian Green Dress

My Friends,

Caroline has been in “need” of a new dress, so since she is so spoiled and would not let off, I made her one from my own pattern, an alteration of the dress I made here. After some serger complications (seriously, this fabric was super ravely, so I couldn’t cut corners) it’s finished!


I present to you the Persian Green Dress! This Regency style dress has puffed sleeves, empire waist, and a contrast sash.


A close up on the sleeves. The sleeves pattern is from Josefina’s Christmas Dress.


I redrew the bodice to have a curved neckline. The dash of sophistication the satiny ribbon sash brings I think is beautiful.

IMG_0193Back view. I used no-snag Velcro here.

IMG_0205Caroline, wearing the Persian Green dress, alongside Kirsten, wearing Caroline’s Meet dress. Caroline’s Meet dress was the model for the neckline and bodice and skirt length.


The sleeves next to each other. I have also drafted a pattern for Caroline’s Meet sleeves, so in the future I have options for variations.





A closing shot. Caroline says she is glad to have something to change into when she visits 1812. In other news, the Gals and About Me pages got updated! Opal is glad she’s now an *official* member of the Me and My Gals family!