Day at the Ranch

Last week, Kirsten went to her friend Christena’s house. Here’s what happened, in her own words.


This is me conched out after a night of movies and food at my friend Christena’s house. Her alarm woke me up, but I wasn’t ready.


“Get up, Kirsten! We have so many fun things to do today!” she said, “Rise and shine!”

After much coaxing, and, I’m embarrassed to say, jumping on me, I finally got moving.


“Time to make the bed. You grab this side, Kirsten, and I’ll-”


“Pillow fight!!!!!!”


Yes, we don’t stay on task very well. After that *diversion* we went out to the stable.

IMG_0316“Here’s my horse, Jackson. Are you ready to ride him?”


“I think so?!?!?! First I need to untangle this thing!”


“Well, while you do that, I’ll brush Jackson to get the dirt off. He doesn’t like it under his saddle.”

IMG_0324“Are you ready, Kirsten?”



As Christena led me around the ring, I was so happy to have such a great friend……..with a great horse!

Thank you to my great friend, Rainbow Sprinkles, for making this photostory with me. To see this from her doll’s point of view, click here.




Heads Up! AG Christmas Tree Tutorial

In addition to our regularly scheduled 12 Days post, I wanted to alert you of a tutorial for mini Christmas trees, that could easily be adapted to AG size. If you’re like me, and your dolls are treeless, make one right now! The link is here.

See you later,


American Girl Fan Giveaway Prize!

Hey Gals!

Here’s the scoop: American Girl Fan hosted a giveaway. I entered. I won. I almost died waiting for it to come. The outfit finally came in the mail. And this is where the pictures begin (sorry if these photos are kind of blurry, my sister took them).

2013-10-06 00.47.08

Opening the package. Isn’t it weird how these kind of things always seem to take longer then they should.

2013-10-06 00.47.15

The contents of the package. Oh dear!

2013-10-06 00.47.31

A very nice card from Liz. The suspense is building!

2013-10-06 00.47.53

Some American Girl Fan business cards. How much longer? I’m about too burst!

2013-10-06 00.48.31

And finally I get to what I’ve waiting for. The loot! This is the Fushia Tunic and Leggings from Unending Treasures Etsy shop. As soon as I could, I rushed to get one of my dolls to try it on, Chrissa fit the bill, and take some pictures.

2013-10-07 19.05.03

Doesn’t Chrissa look fabulous? 2013-10-07 19.06.25

The fit of the shirt is really nice. 2013-10-07 19.06.43

And the shorts are really versatile! 2013-10-07 19.08.12

Thank you so much Liz!


Fantastic Doll Sites (and Youtube Channels)

About a year ago, I posted some of the doll sites I enjoy (here). But my blog-reading horizons have expanded greatly in 12 months, so here’s an updated list.

The Doll Wardrobe: A massive number of dolls live in this house including Maple, whose personality inspired Caroline’s. I recommend reading Maple’s Pirate Treasure Hunt for a further look into the craziness of the Doll Wardrobe.

Mommy and Gracie Show: This mother-daughter duo hunts for dolls in Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us (with occasional trips to the AG store). Daddy and Spats (the cat who love Draculaura) make frequent apperances on their funny videos.

The Toy Box Philosopher: Emily, the Toy Box Philosopher, does humor filled and detailed reviews of the diverse dolls she buys.  She loves to point out the grammatical mistakes on doll’s boxes and take a zillion pictures.

One Girl and Her Many Dolls is a fairly new discovery for me. The “One Girl” and her daughter love to play American Girl together, and document their ever changing collection. I really like the mom’s custom doll, Echo.

If you’re good with the sewing machine, you can save some bucks on patterns, let alone premade doll clothes at Arts and Crafts for Your American Girl Doll.  There are over 5 collections of doll crafts, ranging from Beach, to Harry Potter.

This is not new, but Our Dolls moved their web address (now they’re here)

Hope these blogs (and Youtube Channel) keep you busy with dolly humor for the rest of the summer,