Sewing Adventures: Opal’s Meet Dress

When I got Opal, I knew she would need a proper ’30’s style “meet” dress. Prior to that, I had bought some beautiful purple and yellow fabric, and was intending to make a different dress with it, but I found that I needed more yardage than I had. Then, a flash of inspiration! What if I use the calico for Opie’s dress. Unfortunately, my fabric store didn’t have the right shade of yellow for the contrast fabric, so I had to wait until spring break. Now, at long last, I present to you Opal’s Meet Dress!

IMG_0565The whole thing. I used the Heritage Doll Fashions 1930’s Gathered dress. It worked well, and is cute. If I make this for Opal again, I would make it skinnier around the waist. Seamstress Pet Peeve: Opal is significantly thinner than all my other dolls.


Close up of the bodice and gathering. I love this aspect of the pattern.

IMG_0568I made a matching hair bow from downsized dimensions off the internet. Gotta love Pinterest!


The fabric that started it all. As you can see, I was lucky enough to own some matching white shoes!

IMG_0570Looking great, Opal!



Sewing Adventures: Ballet Wardrobe!

More sew and tell! Here’s a ballet ensemble I made a few weeks ago. The leotard is made from the free Liberty Jane Swimsuit pattern, and the shorts are from Liberty Jane’s Yoga Pants pattern. I was intending to make a sweater to match, but I ran out of fold over elastic. #bummer. Marie-Grace, my dancer, is modeling the outfit.

IMG_0408I was so lucky to have matching fold over elastic and accent fabric. It unites the pieces together.

IMG_0409As you can see, the shorts have a yoga waistband. The leotard has a straight neckline, but I can see alterations being made in the future!

IMG_0410Sans shorts. I might have to make some tights for her from my old ones, eventually, and maybe buy some ballet slippers. Hmmm.


Neck strings view! Again, I can see many “fancy back” alterations. Sew many ideas, sew little time!


Sewing Adventures: The Orange Paperweight Outfit

The sewing madness continues! In the Orange Paperweight outfit, I used the Liberty Jane Peplum Top, Leggings and Janes patterns. I won the Peplum Top pattern from a giveaway along with 11 more (you’ll see those soon enough). The other 2 I have used before; here, here and here. The name “Paperweight” comes from the name of the fabric on the shoes and top. Enough backstory, lets get to the photos!

Orange Paperweight Full 2

Here’s the whole shebang. This is the first time I have made a full outfit. I think I like doing it this way.

Orange Paperweights Top

Here’s the peplum. One thing I like about this pattern is that it’s fully lined. My dolls like a little “luxury” once in a while.

Orange Paperweights Zipper

I am not completely happy with my zipper application. The pull got in the way, so the stitching isn’t completely straight. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

Orange Paperweights Toms Closeup

The Toms. You’ve seen them before. Still as cute as ever.

Orange Paperweights OutfitOpal says that even though the leggings didn’t get much airtime, they’re still comfy.


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American Girl Doll Headband Sewing Tutorial

Opal, Chrissa and Emily are great dolls, don’t get me wrong. But, like many other short haired American Girls, their hair does not have many successful styles to do. So this headband pattern is dedicated to your short haired, crazy curly, too-busy-for-a-do dolls. Enjoy!

American Girl Doll Headband Sewing Tutorial

Headband Tutorial


  • A scrap of fabric or premade bias tape
  • 1/4″ elastic
  • Basic sewing supplies including iron, coordinating thread and scissors


Cut the elastic 2 1/2 inches and the fabric 10 1/2 inches by 2 inches


Now you’re going to make bias tape. If you already have premade bias tape skip these steps (yes, I realize what we are making is not true bias tape, because it is not cut on the diagonal, but for the sake of this tutorial, we will call it so). If you’re still here, please bear with me.

Fold your strip in half widthwise and press.

Fold both edges in half, to the center, and press. Your strip should be 1 inch wide.

Fold the whole thing in half so you have a strip 1/2 inch wide, with no raw edges showing.

IMG_0376Those of you with ready made bias tape, welcome back. Now you will top stich the bias tape as close to the edge as you can.


Repeat on the other side.


Place your elastic in the middle of the top stitched bias tape. Stich at 1/4, going back and forth to secure.

IMG_0389Match up the other side of the elastic with the other end of bias tape. Again, stich at 1/4, going back and forth to secure. Now, just trim the seam allowance if you wish and you’re finished!

IMG_0383Now your doll looks great in her handmade headband.

IMG_0385Opal loves her new ‘do!

Happy sewing,





P.S. If you make this headband for your doll, please email me a picture at

Sewing Adventures: The Persian Green Dress

My Friends,

Caroline has been in “need” of a new dress, so since she is so spoiled and would not let off, I made her one from my own pattern, an alteration of the dress I made here. After some serger complications (seriously, this fabric was super ravely, so I couldn’t cut corners) it’s finished!


I present to you the Persian Green Dress! This Regency style dress has puffed sleeves, empire waist, and a contrast sash.


A close up on the sleeves. The sleeves pattern is from Josefina’s Christmas Dress.


I redrew the bodice to have a curved neckline. The dash of sophistication the satiny ribbon sash brings I think is beautiful.

IMG_0193Back view. I used no-snag Velcro here.

IMG_0205Caroline, wearing the Persian Green dress, alongside Kirsten, wearing Caroline’s Meet dress. Caroline’s Meet dress was the model for the neckline and bodice and skirt length.


The sleeves next to each other. I have also drafted a pattern for Caroline’s Meet sleeves, so in the future I have options for variations.





A closing shot. Caroline says she is glad to have something to change into when she visits 1812. In other news, the Gals and About Me pages got updated! Opal is glad she’s now an *official* member of the Me and My Gals family!