Dolls in the Snow: Belated Edition

It snowed!!!!! A week ago. Yes, I’m not exactly on top of matters of precipitation. Have you guys been enjoying the Olympics? Other than Caroline refusing to watch the ice skating, due to unfortunate flash backs, and Emily and Kirsten getting into arguments about which country is better, Sweden or the UK, it’s been great. Enjoy the photos.




IMG_0419       IMG_0420

Chrissa would like to mention that I, her owner, knitted this scarf, and that it’s the most warmest, cuddliest, coziest thing she’s ever worn. In other news, Chrissa is moving up the Favorite Doll Scale.



Dolls in the Snow: May 2 Edition

After the beautiful weather last week, it snowed. Yay. Here’s the WORST photo I’ve ever taken, but it paints the picture.


P.S. Today’s the 15th anniversary of Harry Potter’s defeat of Lord Voldemort in the battle of Hogwarts! Yes, I’m a Harry Potter nerd. :^)

A Snowland Adventure

As mentioned previously, it snowed. I tried to out in the white stuff for a little photography, but Caroline wouldn’t cooperate.

Work it girl, you’re doing great! Smile for the camera

You’re totally rockin’ that skirt that I made, thank you very much.

Dramatic arial shot. Dun Dun Dun!
“I’m tired of just standing here. Can’t I just swing or something?” whines Caroline.
“OK fine.” I reply.

“Here you go. Are you happy now?”
“No, I’m not, I wanna go up there!”
“Sorry! Today, no, but when you knock some sense into yourself, possibly!” I replied smugly.
“Wait, wait, where are you going?”

“You weren’t supposed to find me. I’m really mad that you didn’t let me on the swing.” said Caroline.
“Well…. I guess you can this once.”
“Yippee!” and there she ran, dragging me along with her.

“Wheee!” Caroline screamed while I wondered ‘what was I thinking?’

On this happy thought, and some more glamor shots, we end.

On an unhappy note, I think Caroline might be turning into a Maple (the highly opinionated doll from The Doll Wardrobe). Oh well, hopefully we can keep her under control.


A Real Lot of Snow

Hi hearty ruffians,
Your dutiful blogger here, in a winter wonderland. I apologize for the lack of posts in the last week, but I have three good reason.

Reason 1. It snowed on Thursday, least a foot and my dolls refused to leave their abode.

Reason 2. I spent Friday digging out my friend’s car from the snow.

Reason 3. I went to the American Girl store yesterday, and they were talking about closing early from even more snow!
Now some photos of that wet white stuff.



My mom beating the bushes into submission. They’re already bowing

Emily’s waiting for spring.