Side Swept Twists: A Hairstyle Tutorial

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It’s once again hair-doin’ with Carolinalin time! Today we have the Side Swept Twists, a great hairstyle for your center parted dolls. It has a springy vibe, which goes well with the current weather conditions. I hope spring has finally sprung! Anyway, here’s how to make your Side Swept Twists. IMG_0484

For this ‘do you will just need your doll brush and a hair ring. First, brush out your “victim’s” hair.


Take a section of hair from the center of her head and part it from side to side.


Twist the sections one way.


Rope braid down by twisting them together the other way.

IMG_0491Secure at the bottom with hair ring.

IMG_0480Ta-da! You are ready for warmer weather with your cute curlicues.


This hairstyle gives a different look to your center part gals.

Until next time, cheerio!


P.S. If you do this hairstyle, please email me a picture at


American Girl Doll Headband Sewing Tutorial

Opal, Chrissa and Emily are great dolls, don’t get me wrong. But, like many other short haired American Girls, their hair does not have many successful styles to do. So this headband pattern is dedicated to your short haired, crazy curly, too-busy-for-a-do dolls. Enjoy!

American Girl Doll Headband Sewing Tutorial

Headband Tutorial


  • A scrap of fabric or premade bias tape
  • 1/4″ elastic
  • Basic sewing supplies including iron, coordinating thread and scissors


Cut the elastic 2 1/2 inches and the fabric 10 1/2 inches by 2 inches


Now you’re going to make bias tape. If you already have premade bias tape skip these steps (yes, I realize what we are making is not true bias tape, because it is not cut on the diagonal, but for the sake of this tutorial, we will call it so). If you’re still here, please bear with me.

Fold your strip in half widthwise and press.

Fold both edges in half, to the center, and press. Your strip should be 1 inch wide.

Fold the whole thing in half so you have a strip 1/2 inch wide, with no raw edges showing.

IMG_0376Those of you with ready made bias tape, welcome back. Now you will top stich the bias tape as close to the edge as you can.


Repeat on the other side.


Place your elastic in the middle of the top stitched bias tape. Stich at 1/4, going back and forth to secure.

IMG_0389Match up the other side of the elastic with the other end of bias tape. Again, stich at 1/4, going back and forth to secure. Now, just trim the seam allowance if you wish and you’re finished!

IMG_0383Now your doll looks great in her handmade headband.

IMG_0385Opal loves her new ‘do!

Happy sewing,





P.S. If you make this headband for your doll, please email me a picture at

Free American Girl Mittens Tutorial

It’s been getting colder in Me and My Galsville, so my dolls need some mittens. Behold! Free Mittens Pattern is here!

Free American Girl Mittens header

Are you ready! You will need….

  • Fleece or old sweater
  • Coordinating thread
  • Mitten pattern piece
  • Basic sewing supplies

Mitten Pattern Small

Print this out, making sure the scale is right.

2013-11-09 19.20.19

Pin your pattern piece to your fabric, and cut 4. 2013-11-09 19.23.14

Pin up 1/4th of an inch and sew. Be sure you have 2 folded up to make left mittens and 2 to make right. I made that mistake. :^(

2013-11-09 19.26.13

Pin the top and bottom with the right sides together, and sew on line as indicated on pattern piece. Trim seams and turn inside out.

2013-11-09 19.33.59Ta-da! Your doll’s fingers will be toasty for the rest of the winter! Now what do you want me to show you how to make next?

Happy sewing,


P.S. If you sewed some mittens for your doll, please email me a picture to

Hair Do’in’ in Nature: 3 Ring Waterfall

Well…..that was an awkward title! Anyway, today I sat down with Caroline to make a hair style for her, and miraculously I succeeded! Also, the leaves have started falling of the trees at my house (jeez, it’s already November). So instead of doing a boring post of a doll getting her hair done against a boring background, I brought Caroline out with the trees, leaves and bees  to bring you HAIR DO’IN’ IN NATURE!!!

2013-11-02 02.17.36

The finished product. Aren’t you excited!

2013-11-02 02.13.17

Here are the supplies:

  • Hairbrush
  • 3 hair rings
  • Your doll
  • 2 leaves artistically framing the shot

2013-11-02 02.13.53

Take a section from the top front of her hair.2013-11-02 02.14.45

Tie it. 2013-11-02 02.15.53

Take another chunk, and tie that one in with the first, so it gracefully swoops down.

2013-11-02 02.17.11

Repeat. And we’re finished. Your doll is now ready for whatever leaves fall her way!

2013-11-02 02.10.54

It’s picture perfect. The leaves and the trees and the bees especially. NOT you Caroline!


Staircase Braid Tutorial

2013-10-07 20.55.04

It’s that time again! I have here a brand new, Me and My Gals hairstyle tutorial, the Staircase Braid. This is a fairly simple ‘do that only requires your long haired doll, a brush and a hair ring. Let’s get started!

2013-10-07 21.57.35  Brush out your doll’s hair and then take a section from the front (near the part, if your doll has one). Start a French braid, but instead of picking up hair from both sides, only pick up with the bottom chunk.

2013-10-07 22.00.46Braid down and around the back of her head, keeping on only picking up on the bottom.

2013-10-07 22.03.23

Keep turning the braid until it falls over her shoulder. Finish off by braiding to the end, add your hair ring and “Voilà!” your done!

2013-10-07 21.55.49

Your doll now looks fabulous with her beautiful Staircase Braid. It wraps around her head, swooping elegantly like a lovely Victorian staircase. Congratulations!

Until next time, eat as many s’mores as you can,


P.S. If you do this hairstyle, email me a picture at