The Gals

Here is my 6 American Girl Dolls.  They all live with me, Willsbardgirl, on a window seat, in my living room.


Chrissa, Girl of the Year 2009, was my first AG doll.  I aquired her in April of 2009.  She’s a bossy fashionista, and is very dramatic. You can see all the posts featuring Chrissa here.


Kirsten Larson arrived at my abode right before she retired, in 2009.  Kirsten likes braiding her flowing locks, reading, and enjoying the outdoors. Her posts can be seen here.


Marie-Grace Gardner was my Christmas gift, in 2011.  She is a calm, sweet singer, who is the complete opposite of her sister, Caroline. You may see all the posts Graced (see what I did there!) by clicking aqui.


Emily was my younger sister’s doll, but she grew out of her, so I bought Emily.  You can see her welcome post here.  Emily loves helping; animals, humans, dolls, it doesn’t matter. All of her appearances on Me and My Gals are here.

2013-10-21 03.10.00


Caroline Abbott burst into my life at American Girl store in March, 2013.  When I got her, I made a Guess-o-thon to let my readers guess which doll I got, here.  Caroline is crazy, excentric, and loud and this picture sums her up perfectly. I am currently competing with her on the American Girl Contest. Here are all the posts she has appeared in.


Opal (aka Opie) was bought in January of 2014. She time traveled from 1932 to live with me, and I’m very happy she did! Opal likes playing on electronics, which were not invented in her day, and doing crafts. All of her posts are here.


So that’s my dolls!  What dolls do you have?  Do they behave?


10 thoughts on “The Gals

  1. I have 14 ag dolls! The twins (there are about 4 sets because a myag,molly, and lanie all look similar so im deciding who will become not a twin) ALWAYS fight! They are opposites but two sets NEVER fight because one is identical and the other set just LOVE each other so much!

  2. I have 4 big ones and 4 minis and a bunch of their big items.




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